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Advice for Job Seekers over 40

By Marty Nemko

Many older job seekers go through contortions to hide their age. I say flaunt your age. It will both feel better and can make you a more desirable candidate. Remember you have pluses. Older workers are less likely to arrive at work in the morning having been up all night partying or taking care of baby. Seasoned workers have the wisdom of having been around the block a few times. And they're less likely than a 20-something to job hop. Those are compelling arguments for hiring you. In your cover letters and interviews, make that case.

But older workers have disadvantages. Do what you can to preempt them. Don't overprice yourself. Stay current. If you're still energetic, let 'em know. Don't be long-winded.
Despite your best efforts, you'll have a tough time landing a job in certain industries-tech companies come to mind. The good news: in some fields, age is a plus, for example, consultant, financial advisor, career counselor, senior housing sales, and geriatric care managing.

What can you do today?
Ask yourself, "What pluses do you, as an older person, bring to the workplace?

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