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Career Launchpads

By Marty Nemko

How can you get an employer to hire you when you have no relevant experience?" Answer: Seek a launchpad job. These are entry-level positions that--if you're good--are launchpads to more professional jobs. Examples:

  • In customer service and technical support, you learn about the company's products and their warts. That can lead to sales and marketing positions.
  • Assistant to the person whose job you crave. Working at a pro's elbow is worth it, even if you have to make the coffee.
  • Temp jobs can lead to permanent gigs--if you exude competence and enthusiasm, and explain that you'd do cartwheels if you could work there permanently.
  • A substantive volunteer position; for example, serve on a non-profit board. Or tell your dream employer that you'll volunteer to work on a short-term project. Even if that doesn't lead to their hiring you, your resume can then trumpet that you just completed a project for a respected employer.
Of course, not every entry-level job is a career launchpad. Envelope lickers rarely move up.

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