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The Good Life

By Marty Nemko

Consciously or unconsciously, we all are trying to figure out what is The Good Life.

Here’s my current shot at it:

--A career in which

- the work feels of value

- the work is moderate in quantity, difficulty, and stress.

- you’re liked by boss and coworkers

- the work environment is pleasant

- there are opportunities to learn and grow

- the commute is reasonable

- you earn a middle-class or higher salary.

- you can be ethical.

(Notice that I didn’t include, “a career you’re passionate about.” Enduring career passion is too rare to be considered requisite to The Good Life.)

-- An avocation you’re passionate about. Many people are passionate about: painting, playing an instrument, acting, filmmaking, writing, gardening, collecting, genealogy, politics, cars, computer games, pets, a sport, public speaking, photography, or making things from wood. Religion isn’t really an avocation, but for some people2w3eeeeeeeee, it is their primary outside-of-work passion.

-- Deep relationships: romantic, parent, child, mentor, protégé, friend.

-- Something to look forward to.

-- Gratitude. Going through life with an appreciation for all that’s good: from your health to your not living in squalor, plus all the small stuff: from that tasty tuna fish sandwich to the smell after a rain. The flip side is the ability to not overreact to life’s negatives.

-- Kindness. You’ll feel better about your life if you prioritize being kind.

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