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Making a Living While Making a Difference

By Marty Nemko

It's the cry of so many job seekers: "I'd love to work for a non-profit but the pay's so bad." True, but decent-paying non-profit jobs may often be unearthed by those willing to dig.

What could you do today?
Good digging sites:,,,, and

Tip: A shortcut to a cool non-profit job is to volunteer to serve on a nonprofit's board. Greenpeace may pass you up, but small organizations may welcome you, especially if someone recommends you. Even easier entre: volunteer for a non-profit's non-governing advisory board. The easiest way into a non-profit but the least likely launchpad to a paying career is simply to volunteer. For opportunities, simply call your favorite non-profit or check out Volunteermatch. If your goal is to land a job, try to get a volunteer position where a hirer will get to observe your work.

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