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Pick an Industry, Any Industry

By Marty Nemko

Many career seekers torture themselves trying to figure out which industry is right for them. Fact is, many would be equally good. Your happiness on your job will likely depend more on the quality of your coworkers, the fairness of your workload, and the brevity of your commute. So, even years of meditation or spending big bucks on a career counselor is unlikely to reveal the magically perfect field.

But you must pick something. If you apply for jobs in more than one field, you may never end up knowing enough about one field to sound impressive in a job interview. So, pick something and then do a thorough search for a job in that industry so you have multiple job offers to choose from. Having a choice of jobs greatly increases your chances of liking your next job.

What can you do today?
Pick your field. Do it now.

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