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Propose a Special Project

By Marty Nemko

My friend Pat was giving me a tour of her new home, when along one wall, I noticed a row of plaques honoring her work. I asked her, "What's the secret of your success?", not really expecting an answer. To my surprise, she offered one. "I'm always looking for the opportunity to propose a special project that I'd find fun and that my boss would appreciate." She offered an example. When Pat had just gotten her first job as a salesperson, she asked the other salespeople for their favorite sales tips and tricks and assembled them in a booklet that she distributed to everyone. That project not only taught her a lot, but creating that useful booklet boosted her status from newcomer to up-and-comer.

What can you do today?
Is there a special project you'd like to propose to your boss? Think of something you'd find fun, would use one of your best skills, and would impress your employer. Write your proposal as a one-pager; that will help you flesh out the idea. Then send the proposal to your boss or pitch it verbally.

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