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What to Say After "Hello"

By Marty Nemko

You'd like to strike up a conversation, but you're shy, so you just stand there. Here's a crash course in business and social mingling. It merges my ideas with those in Susan Roane's book, What do I Say Next?:

1. In advance, prepare a 5-second introduction, such as, "Hi, I'm Jane Jones. I'm a programmer in the edutainment division." Also, prepare three one-minute stories about yourself: your work, hobbies, family--Not jokes, news, weather, or sports. Even in a brief conversation, the goal is to build a bit of intimacy.
2. At the meeting, smile (not psychotically) and approach a friendly-looking person. If you're too shy, just smile and make eye contact.
3. After exchanging introductions, ask about the person: for example, "What do you do?" Listen well and then dovetail onto something he said. When you're stuck, use one of your one-minute stories.

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