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Where The Jobs Are

By Marty Nemko

In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks, jobs are becoming harder to come by. There are, however, pockets of opportunity. Of course, the obvious field is security. The job market is good in companies that provide high-tech security products such as face-recognition systems, mid-tech security such as closed-circuit surveillance cameras, and low-tech security such as security guards. Government, too is hiring folks in security: not just the vaunted 80K a year sky marshals, but people to rewrite agency safety manuals. Science types might look to companies that develop bioweapon and chemical weapon preventatives and curatives. Less obvious, colleges are on the upswing--as jobs are scarce, people figure it's a good time to go back to school. The insurance industry will also grow. Individuals and organizations are ever more security conscious. And the government bailout of the insurance industry will infuse extra cash they can use for hiring. Finally, many large non-profits are hiring. Americans have donated hundreds of millions of dollars to large non-profits. They need people to help figure out how to manage the new projects these donations make possible.

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