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You Know More People Than You May Think

By Marty Nemko

So you think you have few people to network with? You probably have more than you think. This list should remind you of them: people in your occupation, people who deal with people in your occupation (customers, colleagues, consultants), people who could hire you, fellow association members, wealthy or well-connected people who like you, co-workers in current/previous job, family, lovers (Be careful), your college's alumni in your field, friends, college buddies, college professors (especially those who consult), and media people. Also, don't forget your or your parents' lawyer, doctor, stockbroker, Realtor, accountant, trainer, landlord, and haircutter--they know many hirers.

What can you do today?
Use the above to help you come up with 25 people you'd be wise to network with.

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