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Marty Nemko's Website

His little-known ideas on improving your worklife and education, and on men's issues


Info on Marty's speaking

Marty Nemko gets top evaluations for his keynote addresses and workshops on career and education issues.. Nemko was awarded Toastmasters International Northern California non-member Speaker of the Year.

He has given hundreds of keynote addresses and workshops, including at many corporations, and made over 300 TV and radio guest appearances, most frequently on CNN and NPR. He has appeared twice for full segments on Talk of the Nation and with no co-guests on both the Today Show and the CBS Early Show. He was the host of a one-man Public Television Pledge Drive Special, "Eight Keys to a Better Worklife" that aired nationwide.

He appears every three months on the most-listened to show on one of the most listened to shows on the West Coast: KGO-AM-810's Ronn Owens Program.

Here's a little video clip on how to get a promotion. To see it, click HERE.

While every talk is customized to his audience, topics he currently likes to talk about include:

Man of 1,000 Failures: My Story and Lessons Learned

What Every Career-Minded Person Must Know and Probably Doesn't

Making the Most of Time, Our Most Precious Possession

For more information, contact Marty at 510-655-2777

Previous engagements (a small sample)

8 Career "Truths" That May Not Be So True" UC Berkeley Extension public address,

Keys to Career Success for PhDs in Psychology and Education. Keynote address, UC Berkeley.

What's the Big Idea: 5 Disruptive Proposals for a Better America. Mensa Regional Gathering. Hilton Hotel, Pleasanton, CA.

Gap, Inc. Career Development Day. Keynote speaker, three-minute career makeovers through the day, and closing remarks.

Opening Keynote for the Commonwealth Club's career month. Not-obvious things every career-minded person must know

What Every Home Business Owner Must Know and Probably Doesn't: Keynote Address Work-Life Expo,

America's Most Overrated Product: Higher Education. Why it's true, what you can do about, how to make a career of it. University of California, Berkeley,

What's New and Potent in Job Seeking, Conquering Procrastination, Self-Employment, and Coping with Long-Term Unemployment. Grace Cathedral, San Francisco,

Career Management for the future, ,keynote address Indian Business and Professional Women Conference, San Jose Holiday

10 Good Careers for Home Schooled Students and How to Land a Job in One,keynote address, Unschool Your Teen conference. Unity Church, Palo Alto.

A debate with Ed Trust president Kati Kaycock on the question: Do we send too many students to college? (at the Education Writers Association national conference,Washington, DC.)

Today, Men, Not Women Are Shortchanged: Mensa Regional Gathering, Clarion Hotel, San Francisco Airport,

Keynote Speaker, San Francisco City and County Behavioral Health Agency Conference.

The commencement address, Columbia College (MO)

America's Most Overrated Product: Higher Education-A Blueprint for Its Reinvention, The Commonwealth Club.

What They Didn't Teach You in Graduate School. All-day institute for career counselors: International Career Development Conference,Hyatt Regency Hotel, Garden Grove, CA.

5 Things Every Job Seeker Must Know and Probably Doesn't. (Multiple venues)

A Different Kind of Career Counseling, a presentation for counselors that describes the many different techniques I've developed and use in my private practice. International Career Development Conference.What Every College-Bound Student and Parent Must Know...and Probably Doesn't. University of California, Berkeley.

How to Fix the Schools, The Commonwealth Club.

Controversial Issues in the Genetic Revolution. A conversation between Marty Nemko and UCLA's Director of the Center for Medicine and Society, Dr. Gregory Stock. Commonwealth Club, San Francisco.

Career Management in a Changing Economy. Keynote address: University of California Alumni Association.

Becoming Successfully Self-Employed. International Career Development Conference, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Irvine, CA

15 New Ways Career Counselors Can Reduce Their Stress....and Be More Effective. Silicon Valley Career Counselors Association. Decathalon Club, Santa Clara, CA

Landing a Good Job in a Bad Market: a boot camp for Bay Area job seekers. Commonwealth Club, Silicon Valley.

7 Things Every Job Seeker Must Know…that Most Don't. University of Michigan Alumni Association: Los Angeles, Ann Arbor, and Washington, DC.

Emcee: Pink Slip Parties, The Commonwealth Club

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