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Marty Nemko's Website

His little-known ideas on improving your worklife and education, and on men's issues


I have authored nine books.

MODERN FABLES: a collection of my short-short stories offering life lessons. The link to the book on is HERE.

THE BEST OF MARTY NEMKO (2nd edition, 2017) I've selected 66 of my over 3,000 articles. 1/3 is career advice, the rest are on relationships, money, emotional health, physical health, men's issues, the meaning of life, and a section on my ideas for improving the world. To peruse or buy the book on Amazon, click HERE.

WHAT'S THE BIG IDEA? Reinventions for a Better America. The U.S. is in need of big ideas. I've assembled hundreds of them in this 132-page book: on major societal pillars, health care, education, defense, taxes, and of course jobs. In addition to policy ideas, it contains many that individuals can use to improve their lives. To peruse or buy the book on Amazon, click HERE

HOW TO DO LIFE: What they didn't teach you in school The best ideas I've acquired, in part from having been career and personal coach to 4,000 remarkable people, on career, emotions, relationships, money, health, and life's biggest questions. HERE is the link to a 3-minute video I made, which offers three of its hundreds of ideas. For more info or to buy, clickHERE.

COOL CAREERS FOR DUMMIES (3rd edition) Quick introductions to 500 great careers, including many little-known ones. Plus sections on landing the job, overcoming procrastination, self-employment, etc. This was the #1 rated career guide in the Reader's Choice poll and reached #2 on the Wall Street Journal National Business Bestseller list. Richard Bolles, author of What Color is Your Parachute wrote on the cover of this brand new edition, "Read this book Use this book. You're in good hands. I guarantee you." USA Today's review of the book called it "Full of smart advice." For more info or to buy, click HERE.

THE ALL-IN-ONE COLLEGE GUIDE: Potent counsel on choosing, getting into, finding the money for, and making the most of college. For more info or to buy, click HERE.

VENUS AND IRIS, A Children's Story But Not Really. This explores how much to sacrifice for love. To peruse or buy, click HERE.

My three out-of-print books are: How to Get Your Child a Private School Education in a Public School, which was rated one of the year's 10 Must Books by the American School Board Association, You're Gonna Love This College Guide, and How to Get an Ivy League Education Education at a State University, which U.S Secretary of Education Terrel Bell called "Thorough, reliable, and remarkably helpful."

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