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His little-known ideas on improving your worklife and education, and on men's issues

Career Coaching

Dr. Marty Nemko is in his 26th year of career counseling/coaching in his Oakland, CA office, by phone, or VideoSkype. He has worked with 4,800 clients and enjoys a 96% client satisfaction rate. The San Francisco Bay Guardian, on its cover, called him "The Bay Area's Best Career Coach." US News & World Report declared him, "career coach extraordinaire."

While every client is different, the most typical scenario is that the client completes, at home, a probing new-client questionnaire, which Marty carefully reviews before the client comes in. That review serves as the springboard for the first session, which is about two hours long. The cost for the review and that session is $450. At the end of that session, the client leaves with a specific action plan and insights. 25% of clients require only that one session. Most other clients have two to four more sessions ($175 an hour.) Some clients elect to return for a "career checkup" every six months or year, kind of like we do with the dentist, although usually much more pleasant.

Most often, the sessions focus on choosing a career, landing a job, or starting or building a business. But Marty has had excellent success in helping people achieve greater success and happiness in their current work. Sometimes, sessions address career-related issues such as: improving communication skills, conquering anger issues or tendency to procrastinate, developing a more satisfying approach to life, or even finding or improving a romantic relationship.

If you're interested in working with Marty, email him a brief description of your situation: He'll offer to see you himself or refer you to an appropriate colleague. His email address:

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