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Is Up the Only Way?

By Marty Nemko

Climb the ladder--it's the American way. Earn more so you can buy more stuff you don't need: a nice car rather than a functional one, an upscale place instead of an adequate one, a faraway vacation rather than a nearby one. And to get that stuff, you probably must work long hours on something you don't really care about, for example, manufacturing, selling, or marketing widgets. Here are some decidedly low-paying but potentially rewarding careers: Lead wilderness tours; over the campfire, talk about life. Write grant proposals for important things. Train babysitters. Teach people how to use the Internet. Tutor. Help people manage their money; be amazingly honest with them. Become a parenting coach.

What can you do today?
Ask yourself, "Are the upsides of climbing the ladder worth the price--for me and the others I affect?"

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