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No-School Cool Careers

By Marty Nemko

When my clients are searching for a new career, they usually must discard many attractive options because the jobs require a long back-to-school stint. Here are some rewarding careers that don't.

What can you do today?
Scan this list of easy-to-transition-into careers. Do any of them make your heart beat a little faster? If so, consult the adjacent book for an introduction to that career.

  • Fundraiser: Peter Edles' Fundraising
  • Counselor of College-bound Athletes: Michael Koehler's Advising Student Athletes Through the College Recruitment Process
  • Online Marketing: Dan Janal's Online Marketing Handbook
  • Restaurant Menu Designer: David Pavesik's Menu Design.
  • Professional Speaker: Dottie Walters' Speak and Grow Rich
  • Garden Designer: Cheryl Merser's The Garden Design Book
  • Computer Tutor: various titles in the ...for Dummies series
    Personal Coach (e.g., regarding shyness, parenting, time management): Thomas Leonard's The Portable Coach
  • Buy a business: Harvey Gardner's How to Buy a Business With Little or No Cash Down.
    Consultant: Jeffrey Lant's The Consultant's Kit.
  • Notebook Computer Repair Technician. Ron Guilster's A+ Certification for Dummies.
  • Sales: Brian Tracy's Advanced Selling Strategies
  • Real Estate Salesperson: Danielle Kennedy's How to List and Sell Real Estate in the 21st Century
  • Neon Sign Maker. Wayne Strattman's Neon Techniques.

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