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Why Your Boss Doesn't Praise You

By Marty Nemko

Managers are taught, ad nauseum, that it's better to praise employees than to criticize them. Then why are most bosses so stingy with praise? For many reasons. Praise some employees and they become complacent. Praise one employee at a meeting and a dozen others may resent it--"Why him and not me?" Praise a weak employee who later gets fired, and you've given him ammunition for a wrongful termination suit. Praise a good employee and she'll more likely expect a raise.

What can you do today?
Next time you're feeling insecure or annoyed that you're not praised enough, put yourself in your boss's shoes. And if you're a boss, recognize that giving praise usually brings more benefits than liabilities. Try to catch someone doing something good and give an attaboy/girl.

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