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How Do I Get So Much Done?

By Marty Nemko

Today, my client, Evan Wright, asked me, “How do you get so much done?” Here’s what I said:

It starts with the spiritual. The meaning of life to me is defined primarily by how much I contribute to the world. If I act merely to give myself pleasure, my life has made little difference. So, I rarely procrastinate; work is not only what I should do, but want to do.

The other key is that I am very aware of time. I certainly avoid the major time drains: watching TV, long talks with friends, time-consuming hobbies. And at or outside of work, I constantly ask myself, “Is this the most time-effective way.” Not “Is it the best way?” or “Is it the fastest way?” but, “Is this the way that will give me the best results for the time expended?” For example, I prepare food that is quick to prepare without sacrificing taste or healthiness. For a typical dinner I’ll grill a piece of salmon and season it with curry powder, I’ll microwave some broccoli, seasoning it with garlic and soy sauce, accompanied by some whole wheat bread. Dessert will be a fruit or frozen yogurt.

I’d imagine that this sounds like a self-denying life. Actually, it feels very good.

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